About Us

* We are factory trained appliance technicians with over 19 years experience.

* We maintain our training so as to have current knowledge of all new appliances.

* We Maintain well stocked vans so as to repair your appliance in the one visit, saving you time and minimising disruption to your family life.

We provide services in the following .....
* Washing machine repair
* Clothes dryer repair
* Refrigerator repair
* Freezer repair

All appliances tested to Australian standards AS/NZ 3760:2010

Our services

  • Repair to Washing Machine
  • Repair to Clothes Dryers
  • Repair to Refrigerator
  • Repair to Freezer

Contact Us

Broadway Appliances

P.O.Box 8121 Murray Road, Northland 3072 Phone: 9471 1806 Email: